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​​I'm receiving acupuncture with Joie to change some persistent back pain. Joie has an amazing depth of knowledge that bridges between the "Western" understanding of pain and illness and "Eastern" medicine's approach to balancing the body and its systems. Joie listens carefully and answers questions clearly and with patience. I've noticed significant relief of pain and tension in my upper back and neck, as well as a general improvement in my sleep quality and energy level. Thank you, Joie!

- M.N.

My therapist Joie is amazing! She listens to my needs before the session and works hard to see that all my requests are met during our time together. She takes time to explain different muscles and how tension builds up in them. To take it one step further, she really paid attention to details that other therapists haven't for me. I've been looking for solutions to some back trouble I've been having from a car accident.

- S.B.

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Feeling in my hand has returned after 20 years!

- J.C.

I had constant 6/10 spinal pain and right shoulder pain. My back pain is gone. I have much more ease of movement. I am exercising more comfortably, hiking, walking, and doing Jazzercize.

- M.D.

I was affected by spinal stenosis at L4-L5 with lumbar radiculopathy in lower back and right leg [for over 9 months]. I was unable to stand for more than 10 minutes, walked bent over with a cane, could no longer do yoga exercises or take walks outside. I was taking Tylenol for pain 3-4 times/day and used topical Lidocaine on lower back and right leg to reduce pain. After [receiving treatment from ZENJOY], I no longer take pain meds. I can walk upright without a cane and with less discomfort. I can stand for longer periods of time without resting. I hope to resume yoga exercises soon and to gradually resume walking outside for longer periods.

- M.W

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I'm scared of needles so I was a bit apprehensive at my facial acupuncture. But an hour later, I was refreshed and invigorated. The needles did not hurt. My face felt taut and smooth and soft.
​Joie is a wealth of information on skin care. Her products are all natural. I recommend regular ZENJOY facials to maintain a fresh youthful visage all year round.

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Joie is knowledgeable and professional. She communicates clearly throughout the treatment process. Office and treatment rooms are clean and comfortable. There is also lots of parking.
​I would recommend ZENJOY Acupuncture to my friends.

​Joie is always very thorough and professional. She is concerned about my overall health and well-being. I am feeling great, thanks Joie!

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Joie has an amazing breadth and depth of knowledge. I received some ear acupuncture from Joie. She is super gentle and knowledgeable. Hey - my sinuses are clear! Awesome.

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